Dániel Bencs

Daniel Bencs was born in 1990, in Budapest. He studied image graphics at Óbuda Vocational School of Fine Arts (OXI - Óbudai Képzőművészeti Szakképző Iskola) between 2009 and 2011. In 2012, he was admitted to the painting department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, in the class of Zsigmond Károlyi and Zoltán Ötvös. After graduation he went on a long excursion to Southeast Asia, which had a significant impact on his painting. Since 2020, he has been a member of SKURC art association in Budapest, which organizes exhibitions and other artistic programs.


2009-2011: Vocational School of Fine Arts in Óbuda (OXI), graphics major, master: Oroszy
Anna – Different graphic techniques (linoleum cutting, etching, cold needle, soft plate, lithography,
screen printing).
2012-2018: Hungarian University of Fine Arts, painting major, masters: Prof. Emer.
Zsigmond Károlyi, Zoltán Ötvös DLA
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Doctoral School, DLA
supervisor: Dr. Zoltán Habil Ötvös DLA


2018-2020: After graduation, a longer period abroad (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Japan). It was an active research-creative period during which in addition to a significant amount of paper-based work (watercolor, pencil, felt), it is large murals and oil paintings were made. The punctuation marks of the Asian languages ​​I learned along the way are large influenced my creative activity to a great extent and wanted to implement it in doctoral school they directed my interest towards my research plan. In addition to collecting motifs, material memories (flyers in foreign languages, tickets, money, packaging, other text documents) as well accumulated in order to study the topic comprehensively.
During the time I spent there, I also implemented the project called Blue, during which the in the water, while diving, I captured the life of the sea. About the process video documentation was made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKDxx-ta7MI with the said project

2020-: I joined the SKURC art group, in cooperation with its members I participate in the organization of exhibitions, workshops and other art programs. 

Solo exhibitions:
2012: Grenadine, Budapest
2013: Lollypop Factory, Budapest
2015: Center, Budapest
2018: Trip, Budapest,
2020: Vármező Gallery, Budapest, MANTRA
2021: NACO, Budapest (with Leitner Levente), ÉDEN
2023: Meow Meow, Horizont Gallery, Budapest

Group exhibitions:
2015: Senecsár Gallery - Blooming, Budapest
2018: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Best of Diploma 2018
2021: MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest, FRAGAGMENTS
2022: Danube Museum, Esztergom, LIQUID
2022. Nick Gallery, Pécs, TURBO
2022. Horizont Gallery, Budapest, YOUTH 2,
2022. Piana Gallery, Krakow, OUT OF SPACE