22 September - 27 October, 2021

Joseph TASNÁDI: Bachelor In The Beauty Parlor
22 September - 27 October, 2021

Opening: 22 September, 2021 6PM
On view until: 27 October, 2021

The beauties – in the parlor – retreat into the corners, offended, while the goodwives gaily undress the bachelor.

The reality, the absolute, the transcendent, the sacred, the profane, the dream, the vision,the culture, the philosophy, the poetry, the arts, the music, the ownership, the renouncement, the question, the answer, the attention, the sensitivity, the doubt, the conviction, the illusion,the utopia, the activity, the passivity, the indifference, the solitude, the togetherness,the dissociation, the involvement, the estrangement, the good, the bad, the asceticism, the hedonism, the exposedness, the speed, the slowness, the hardness, the softness, the many, the few, the hot, the cold, the whole, the part, the abstract, the concrete, the training,the expertise, the knowledge, the ignorance, the instinct, the fantasy, the passion, the words, the silence, the soul, the body, the remorse, the love, the sex, the stuff, the... and so on... – still isn't enough?