Nel Aerts

1987, Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerpenben él és dolgozik


1999-2005 KSO, Heilig-Grafinstitute, Turnhout
2005-2009 Master in the Arts, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent (KASK)

Válogatott szóló kiállítások
2017 Solo at Carl Freedman Gallery, London, (UK)
2016 Mural at Beurskafee at Beursschouwburg, Brussels, (BE)
2015 De Zundert tekeningen, solo show at Vincent van GoghHuis Galerie, Zundert, (NL)
2015 Residency at Vincent van GoghHuis, Zundert, (NL)
2015 Billenkoek, solo show at KIOSK, Ghent, (BE)
2015 Verzopen vaarwaters, solo show at Trampoline, Antwerp (BE)
2015 Lord Nelsons Poster Cabinet, solo show at Stadslimiet, Antwerp (BE)
2014 Döbbelganger, solo show, Trampoline, Antwerp, (BE)
2014 Lord Nelsons Portrait Gallery, solo show, Carl Freedman Gallery, London, (EN)
2014 Duo show w/ Kristian Devantier, Galleri SPECTA, Copenhagen, (DA)
2013 Solo, Liste Basel, represented by Galerie VidalCuglietta, (CH)
2013 POST, solo, curated by Jacob Fabricius, Kunsthalle Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, (DA)
2012 De dans rond het uurglas, solo show, project space, Galerie VidalCuglietta, Brussels, (B)

Válogatott projektek és csoportos kiállítások
2017 ‘Living in Dreams’, groupshow curated by Frank Koolen and Els Fiers, De Bond, Brugge
2016 ’11 kunstenaars tegen de muur’, groupshow curated by Lieven Segers, Antwerp
2016 Frieze NY, represented by Carl Freedman Gallery, New York, (US)
2016 The Armory Show, represented by Carl Freedman Gallery, New York, (US)
2016 'Ten Dans', groupshow curated by Lieven Segers, Cultuurcentrum, Maasmechelen (BE)
2015 Rock, Paper, Scissors, groupshow at Primo Piano, Paris, (FR)
2015 Wrijving van gedachten / Antwerpen-Zundert, groupshow at Vincent van GoghHuis, Zundert,
2015 Character Traits, groupshow, Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York, (US)
2015 The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper), edition published by
MOREpublishers, ongoing project at GRAMM restaurant, Brussels, (BE)
2015 Inhabitants, groupshow, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, (CH)
2015 Six possibilities in painting, groupshow, Galerie Bernhard, Zürich, Switzerland, (CH)
2015 Blue Pink Black, groupshow, Carl Freedman Gallery, London, (UK)
2015 Tranen uit de Schelde, Art’s Birthday, mural for MuHKA Antwerp, (BE)
2014 De vierkantigste rechthoek, groupshow curated by Tom Barman, Kunsthal KAdE,
Amersfoort, (NL)
2014 ATLAS, groupshow w/ Kasper Bosmans & Julien Meert, MOTInternational, Brussels, (BE)
2014 VIRUS, groupshow, Netwerk, Aalst, (BE)
2014 L'Europe des Artistes, groupshow curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Thomas Boutoux and
Gunnar B. Kvaran, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, (NO)
2013 Salon der Angst, curated by Cathérine Hug & Nicolaus Schafhausen, Kunsthalle Wien,
Vienna, (AT)
2013 Time Space Poker Face, curated by Sofie Van Loo, Be-Part, Waregem, (B)
2012 Definitional Disruptions, /w Filip Gilissen & Hedwig Houben, Kunstraum London, (EN)
2012 Un-Scene II, curated by Elena Filipovic and Anne-Claire Schmitz, Wiels, Brussels, (B)
2011 You can’t have your cake and eat it, curated by Cakehouse, Scheld’apen, Antwerp, (B)
2011 Art’s Birthday, groupshow, Muhka, Antwerp, (B)
2010 Traveling after Zbigniew Herbert and Pan Cogito, Poetry and Arts festival, Watou, (B)
2010 POP ART, groupshow curated by Kati Heck, Lieven Segers, Dennis Tyfus and Michèle
Matyn, NICC, Antwerp, (B)
2009 Coming People, curated Meruro Washida & Thibaut Verhoeven, S.M.A.K., Ghent, (B)